Salam Nuri is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) named after the Arabic word “Salam”
which means ‘Peace’ and the Korean word “Nuri” which means ‘World’.
Together, the term ‘Salam Nuri’ means “Peaceful World”.

Aim of Salam Nuri is to provide humanitarian service for those in need, prepare integrated
educational projects, promote cultural awareness, improve research and development system and
release publications; thus, introducing Islam throughout sound Islamic epistemology.
Salam Nuri is a platform to introduce Islam everywhere and a home ground for Muslims in Korea.

Our Mission 

We, Salam Nuri, assist coordinate the efforts to disseminate the universal message of Islam to the
world and to provide support to new-Muslims.

Our Vision    

Our vision is to increase the mutual understanding between Korea and the Islamic World and
become a key support center for foreign and Korean Muslims alike.