The moderator, brother Mohamed Abu Hanafy from Egypt, undergraduate student at Yonsei University, briefly introduced the speakers to and welcomed the participants.

The firs speaker, brother Mebarek, who is also a cabinet member of MSAK/SN, introduced the body of MSAK and Salam Nuri organization. He gave brief information about the establishment and history of MSAK/SN, the past activities and the regular main programs/events. He also explained the importance of association, students’ responsibilities, urging the participant to help and support each other and to join regular and future activities.

The second speaker, brother Abdulnasir, shared some information and tips about researcher’s life, the work culture and overcoming the problems while working or attending a lab on university campus.

The third speaker, brother Abdul Saboor Zaheeb, who is also a cabinet member of MSAK/SN, talked about student life on and off campus, shared essential information about finding Masjids, prayer rooms, halal food (restaurants) as well as searching for room/apartment and waste management system in Korea. Moreover, he shared the latest updates about national health insurance, graduation requirements, visa extension and part-time job requirements.

Finally, the event ended with a Q&A session and brief discussion in which the participants asked questions and made comments. Right after the event, all the presentation materials, list of Masjids, prayer rooms, halal restaurants and stores, general guide on living in Korea alongside Starbuck gift coupons were sent (emailed) to all the participants.