The word “Tarbiyah” is an Arabic word that linguistically means the increase, growth, and loftiness. Conventionally, Tarbiyah means the development and the training of people in various aspects to help facilitate gain knowledge and develop the character. Hence the name of the seminar, Muslim Tarbiyah / Self Development.

The speaker for this program on Muslim Tarbiyah / Self Development is Sheikh Mohammad al-Naqwi. He is a Khateeb at the Department of Grand Mosque, Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs of Kuwait.

He has undertaken many public lectures and trainings in a number of Islamic organizations and centers, and has also been a TV presenter for several Islamic programs and series. Some of his lectures can be watched on his channel called as Message of Islam on you tube. The speaker has practicing Da’wah for almost 15 years with many organizations around world.

Program subject.

Shaikh Mohammad al-Naqwi gave 3 lectures as follows:

  1. Sheikh explained Zakat al Mal and Zakat al Fitr: the purpose and role in society; how to pay; what to pay; when to pay; who pays to whom; and the differences between Zakat al Mal and Zakat al Fitr.
  2. Concept and role of waqf in early Islamic societies and how it is relevant for the modern world. In this topic we came to know the reality of Waqf. What is Waqf? What does this word stands for and is it applicable to nowadays as people used to do it before, and what people can do it at today’s time.
  3. Pearls of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): A glimpse of his life to understand who the Prophet Muhammad is, his character, how he used to deal with kids, with wives, with friends and with enemies.

Joud Charity of Kuwait has been assisted his trip to Korea.