Islamic Cultural Experience is a cultural experience event for Korean non-Muslims. It provides various Islamic cultures and provides an opportunity to experience them. It also gives the introduction of Islam as a religion through Islamic pamphlets and books; explanation by Korean Muslims; and Masjid tour guide.


  • Hijab and traditional outfit try-on: The booth where people can try Hijab and traditional outfits from different countries (Egyptian, Korean, Uzbek and Yemeni).
  • Arabic calligraphy: A native Arab wrote down the visitors’ name in calligraphic Arabic on postcards and presented them to the visitors as a souvenir.
  • Masjid photos: To show people that Islam is not the religion of Arab but for everyone in the world; it rather developed the cultures based on the regions, The team exhibited different Masjids in the world (China, Malaysia, Mali, Turkey, Bosnia, etc.). It was decided to intentionally exclude Masjids in Arab regions to remove the stereotype that is Islam is equal to Arab.
  • Snacks: The volunteers prepared the traditional snacks of their countries and served them without any charge (Egyptian, Korean, Maldivian, Malaysian, Pakistani, etc.).
  • Islamic books: The booth where people can read pamphlets and books about Islam in Korean. The items were distributed for free.