Faith, freedom and equality are three concepts that occupy the minds of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. This book sheds light on such concepts as they are understood from an Islamic perspective. It also discusses the fundamental articles of faith and the way to put them into practice. Prayer. Fasting, Pilgrimage and Zakah. as “pillars of the faith”, constitute a crucial part of every Muslim’s knowledge. In addition, the author addresses several points of attack by non-Muslims such as Jihad. divorce, the status of woman and polygamy.

Dr. Hammudah ‘Abd al-‘Ati was born in Egypt on April 1. 1928. He attended al-Azhar University in Cairo and received B.A. degree (1954). Then he got his M.A. degree in Islamic Studies from McGill University (1957). He studied at the University of Alberta, Canada from 1961 to 1963. He received his Ph.D. in sociology from Princeton University on January 16. 1971.

In 1958, after receiving his M.A. degree. Dr Abd al-‘Ati returned to Cairo to work at al-Azhar University’s Islamic Culture Administration.

As a qualified Azhari scholar fluent in English, Dr. Abd al-‘Ati was a pioneer of Islamic propagation (Da’wah) in North America in his time. He was a renowned lecturer and scholar who served as a resourceful consultant and advisor for many organizations and individuals, both in North America and abroad.