Two resource persons were invited on this Training Program for Community Leaders.

  1. Prof. Anis Ahmad
    The Vice Chancellor of Riphah International University Islamabad and a Meritorious Professor of Comparative Religion.
  1. Shaikh Ossama al-Azzouni,
    Director of Asia region for World Assembly of Muslim Youth.


  1. Qur’an and Sunnah as Sources of Islamic Thought (by Dr. Anis Ahmad)
  2. Meaning and Methodology of Da’wah (by Dr. Anis Ahmad)
  3. Features of Western Thought (by Dr. Anis Ahmad)
  4. The Leadership (by Dr. Anis Ahmad)
  5. Re-Order of the Mind (by Sheikh Ossama Al-Azzouni)
  6. From Weakness to Renaissance (by Sheikh Ossama Al-Azzouni)