On 8th September 2019, Muslim Students Association of Korea (MSAK) in cooperation with Salam Nuri, organized this event for the for the Muslim students who newly arrived to Korea. The purpose of the event was to introduce MSAK as an organisation and its activities, and to invite new students to join in different capacities, while also holding an event that can provide the new students with useful information on life in Korea, and to enhance knowledge on topics relevant to us as Muslims. Thirty nine persons did prior registration for the event. They included students from 15 different universities and came from the following locations:  Ansan, Cheonan, Cheongju, Chunchoen, Daejeon, Gimpo, Incheon, Seoul and Suwon.



The event began with an introduction of MSAK and its activities by Ahsan Mujtaba Ahsan (Pakistan). His presentation included information on activities and structure of MSAK. Attendees were invited to join as new members, explanation was given on different roles they could do, such as cabinet members, volunteers, university representatives.

This was followed by a presentation on Muslim life in Korea by Habibullah Lee (Korea) and Mohamed Shumais (Maldives).  Habibullah touched on important things that need to be considered with our identity as Muslims in daily life in Korea, particularly when interacting with Koreans.  Shumais provided some information on practical tips in adjusting to life in Korea, by touching on halal food, prayer facilities, accommodation and related issues.

The guest speaker, Jamshiddin (Uzbekistan) provided a presentation on the immigration issues in Korea. He explained the formalities required on application for alien registration card, and the need to inform the immigration office if address is changed. He also touched on the rules related to part time employment for students, and introduced websites that contain useful information related to part time employment. In addition, he introduced on some other activities that students can participate, such as technology or start-up events. He mentioned that a longer presentation with more content is possible if more students are interested. This is because the event was targeted to new students, but there are other students who are also attend MSAK events.

Lastly, the event included a networking session, so that students get to know each other. In addition, refreshments were provided with compliments from Salam Nuri.